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I’ve been promising regular contest updates and obviously I haven’t been doing them, but I’ve managed to write myself a little editorial schedule so posts should be be coming regularly from me for now on..or at lest through the month of May..lol.

Anywho on to contest updates:

Personally, I got on the scale the yesterday and it said 169lbs which would mean I’m down 2lbs from my (biggest ever) weight of 171lbs. I wasn’t trying and part me just says it’s water weight, but I’m trying to be more Tigger these days and less Eyore so I’m gonna be happy about it:-)

You regularly know how Tracy is doing weight wise. Let’s just say she’s blowing the rest of us out of the park:-(

Joking…I’m happy for Ms. Tracy:-)

As far as everyone else:

1. tnt5150 – 27lbs

2. northshore barbie – 23lbs

3. QueenTracy – 22lbs

4. KSansha – 5lbs

5. MahoganyRain – 5lbs

6. Pisces33 – 3lbs

7. Cenjefjor09 – 2lbs

Seems like Ms. Tracy has some competition (hehe) and I’m down there tied for 7th with my measly two lbs. But since I’ve gained weight since the whole contest begin I’m actually in negative territory (shudders)…oh well.

Anyway, I need to hear something from ya’ll. A post. A vid. A something. I won’t announce a winner come the end of June if no one has posted about their weight loss journey on the blog and remember an essay is required to be in the running for the $10,000 with the 50 Million Pound Challenge contest.

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